If I was not a clog, I scored even more, judges Třebíč Kristl


The guns that scored on Monday’s winning match in Kadan moved the Třebíč striker Richard Kristall to the top of the cannons club table and second in Horakice Slavia’s productivity.

“Of course I really enjoyed it. Now I had a lot of chances in two games and I was not able to score even when I had an empty gate ahead of me, “says Kristl. “So I’m glad it broke. And that it was still like that, it was better, “he smiles.

So he has six goals and three assists for his ten balls. “It’s not bad. But of course, it can always be better. Chances are, “admits the twenty-year-old forvard. “If I was not such a clog, I gave more goals,” he said.

Woodcutter?He had a clean hattrick in Kadan in twelve minutes! “Yeah, my luck turned to me,” laughs Kristl.

He has not had to contribute to his club bacon tonight. “So far we have not done it, on Monday we arrived late. But I’m going to have to pay for some snack, “says Kristl, who is especially glad that the white stars in North Bohemia have managed to get the full point gain.

“We lost three times in the first place, two of them at home with relatively weaker opponents,” reminds defeat 4: 5 in Jihlava, 0: 1 in extra time with Litoměřice and 2: 3 in extension with Mostem.

“We needed to get three points somewhere and start a little bit. We could not get shot, which we have managed now.So it ended well and it was a happy ending, “he reminded that in Kadani Horácká Slavia turned from 1: 2 to 4: 3 also thanks to two used numerical advantages.

300 spectators? Atmosphere is desperate, as in a theater

Otherwise, however, the way to the north for first-time hockey players is nothing pleasant. “You are going there for five hours, and the atmosphere in Kadan, Most and similar stadiums is desperate. It’s like playing in the theater, “reminds us of 300 fans.

Třebíč is once again living in hockey, as evidenced by a decent average home visit: 1 588 spectators. “It’s not bad.We will see now if we have not put too many fans and if they come, “Kristl said before today’s match with Frýdek-Místek.

While in the last year, the young striker sped up between the extra-league Pilsen, the first-ranked Litoměřice and Třebíč and the second-class Klatovy, this year his engagement is clear – in the first formation of Horácké slavie, with two experienced horsemen: Romana Erata and Captain David Dolníčka.

“Last year it was so hectic. On the other hand: I have never played anywhere else than in Pilsen.So at least I went through some clubs and saw where it is going, “recalls Krist. “Now I have somehow settled down here and there for a while.”

And what if mother Pilsen called out? “It’s always a chance,” Kristl believes. “Now Pilsen is not doing well, but I am not in contact with the leadership. No one was calling. In Třebíč, I think of annual hosting, so it will be seen what will happen next, “he added.

In any case, the Vysočina experience is more enjoyable than in the previous year in which Horácká Slavia had to play the WSM Rescue Group Leagues. “It certainly is better, we are at least in the middle of the table. But she is so sloppy that you lose twice and you’re back again, “she does not overstate the current eighth place. “The last two home losses made us a better place.But suppose it’s still going on, “he added with a smile.


Dukly handball players will challenge the Croatian team with the Olympic winner Zrnić

“The audience will see Zrnić, the Olympic champion and world champion, in action. In addition, Croatian handball is one of the best. We want to take action, “said Daniel Čurda, Sport Director of Dukla Praha.

Last season, the Prague handball team got into the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup, which was a historical achievement for the men’s club. In the end, Dukla Prague was not enough for the strong Portuguese team ABC / UMinho of Braga, the later winner of the entire cup. Now a few more domestic champions are waiting for another challenge – Croatian RK Nexe in the prestigious European EHF Cup. “The Croats are grown-ups, they will be stronger than us.We need to build on a good 1xbet mobile defense and to conclude swift counterattacks, “said Milan Kotrč, who would like to repeat the European Cup. “It motivates us very much. Against RK Nexe we are definitely not favorites. That’s all we can surprise. ”

In the first round of the EHF Cup, Dukla Prague crossed the Besa Famiglia. Now, however, they will face Starfish Zrnić, who won the Olympic medal with the Croatian team in Athens in 2004 and became a world champion a year before. “He is a player who is definitely wrong whether to shoot or when he is seven. RK Nexe relies mainly on him, “said goalkeeper Tomáš Petržal.

This will be the famous right wing to study on the video. “I always give it two or three hours.I try to find matches in which RK Nexe’s opponents are practicing a similar free bets defense system as we do. Better then prepare for possible endings of the attackers. But Zrnić is such a skilled player that I do not know if it will be valid. ”

Croatian striker Vedran Zrnić is a three-time finalist of the Champions League, winning the Croatian league five times. According to the goalie Petržaly, it is necessary to show the best performance of the season and to avoid technical mistakes for the third round of the EHF Cup. “You were knocking us especially in the Challenging Cup, it must not be repeated. We will also be able to help with the full hall, “added goalkeeper Petržalka.


In Beijing, Kvitova and Plíšková step forward, Berdych finished in Tokyo


Karolína Plíšková has managed a challenging duel with Darja Kasatkin and after winning 3: 6, 7: 5, 7: 6 is in the eight-finals. Barbora Strycova succumbed in the second round 3: 6, 6: 7 to Angelique Kerber from Germany.

After the feast, Tomáš Berdych arrived in the fasting, and he will not go to the Sunday triumph in Shenzhen. In Tokyo he finished just after the first lap of defeat 6: 7, 1: 6 with Gilles Müller. The match was also played by Jiří Veselý, who did not score in David Goffin in the 2nd round, 3: 6, 5: 7.

Beijing: the famed Kvitova is in the quarterfinals,

Kvitova counseled with Muguruza in an hour and thirteen minutes.He helped win a great service, and in the second set he lost only three pints. “I’ve played eight matches in ten or eleven days and I’m still going on,” Kvitova was pleased with the WTA interview. “Of course I feel it, but when I’m on the pitch, adrenaline works. I feel a lot strong now, “she said.

In the new edition of the WTA singles, Kvitova returns to the top ten.In addition, she still has the chance to advance to the Championship Championship in Singapore, but she needs to get to Beijing in the final to have a chance to get to the eighth. With Keys pulling two months ago in Rio on the Olympic bronze and was better. “It was a great match, a big fight. Now it will probably be similar. Great serving, so it will be crucial to keep your service, wait for a chance and somehow return. She plays like Garbin or like me, “Kvitova said. He is looking forward to Thursday’s day off. “I guess I’m just going to stretch, playing a lot of hours behind me. Even the rockets and shoes are already tired and need to relax, “added a well-tuned tennis player. The current world six Plíšková and Kasatkin played for the third time this year and won the second time.Today, the two-and-a-half-time duel was decided in the tie-break of the third set where the two players were close to winning.

Plíšková had the short game in the top half and won the 6: 5 mech. Five years younger Russia, however, turned her turn and the match could end. But the Czech favorite got the following three exchanges and rejoiced in the 9: 7 advancement.

Karolína Plíšková managed the first match after she officially won the Championship on Tuesday. She is playing for the quarterfinals with Eleventh by Johanna Konta from Britain.

Uncle was the third Czech woman Kerberová played during the week.World ranked first in Wu-chan Petra Kvitova, in the first round in Beijing she eliminated the qualifier Kateřina Siniaková and today’s more experienced Uncle.

The 21st ranked player did not match the favorite skin lacino, at the end of the second set Kerberova always spit when German gave 5: 4 and 6: 5 to victory in the match. In the tie-break, however, the 30-year-old Czech tennis player on the opponent was not enough to lose 4: 7.

Berdych in Tokyo won the title in 2008 but this year he finished for two hours.The biggest drama came from the end of the first set: the ninth player of the world Berdych in the tie-break turned 4: 6 two sets, gained the following three points, but he did not use the opportunity to profit the set.

thirty-three-year-old Müller and a shortened game won 9: 7. In the second set, Berdych lost his bidding twice, and the Lucemburger won his first duel.Berdych turned away all the three balls that the Czech player had in the sixth game of the first set and shot 12 es.

“I had the chance in the first set, especially in the game where I led 40: 0, “Berdych returned to the moment he could take his left-handed rival. “I lost the game and he started playing a lot better,” he added.

In a 0: 3 position in the second set, Berdych called a physiotherapist for problems with his left gluteal muscle. “At the start of the second set, my body began to indicate that I had played a bit in the last few weeks,” said the best Czech tennis player who played for the third consecutive week since mid-September when he returned to the ATP Tour after a month-long pause caused by an inflammation of the intestine.

Berdych did not help in the Japanese metropolis in the fight to advance to the Champions Tournament.He is ranked 9th with a loss of 335 points on the eighth Austrian Dominique Thieme, who also fell in the first round in the Beijing tournament.

The match between Veselý and Goffin was in the first set in the 2: 2 30:30 when the Czech tennis player was handed over due to rain. Then it was played under the roof, Veselý came to the service and did not save the set. In the second set, the 52nd player of the world rankings led 4: 2 and had a brejkbol, but did not hold the lead and in the hour and three quarter he capitulated at the fifth sword.

Radek Stepanek will fight against Australian Nick Kyrgios on Thursday for the quarterfinals.


Outgoing Tiňkov: I do not like Contadora. And current cycling is fine


Even though Tiňkov in the spring of 2004, he criticized Peter Sagan openly, and now he says: “We then solved the hourly discussion in my room. We have no problems since then. ”

But Contador is another case.

” I have a much worse relationship with that. Actually, I have no relationship with him. I respect him as a rider, but as a man I do not like him. Even a number of riders do not like it. He finished in my team in such a position that he had bad relationships with almost everybody, except for his Spanish group. “The Spanish now at 33 years goes with his aides to the American Trek Trek and Tiňkov went even so far Luke Guercilen, manager of Trek, warned him: “He should be careful.Contador’s group causes him a lot of chaos. ”


Alberto is very sad, boring, h3>

According to the Russian boss, the Spaniard would have done best if he had just finished his career. “The four best mountaineers were able to take off at Vuelta, with twenty riders in the year. He does not win any Grand Tour anymore. ”

During his last season in the role of the owner of the stables, Tiňkov wanted to dominate the World Tour team, but his stable ended second behind Movistar. “We did not win, because Alberto has fallen or been sick many times,” he judges. He tells him he refused to take part in the final WorldTour challenge round Lombardy. “For the money he gets, it should not happen.Valverde (Movistar’s rider) He was sick three days before Lombardy, but he started and went to Top 10. That’s a class! ”

Tinkov did not invite Contador to the farewell party of his stable. He said, “When you are ill, stay at home. You would still bring a virus to the party and infect the others. ”

In a cyclingnews.com interview, Tiňkov later said that without Contador’s presence the same team is better. He thinks he’s a sad person. “He never wanted to drink champagne, he was always cautious about what he had, and spent the whole year concentrating on winning the Tour. He talked this way last November in Moscow. This is a stupid setting. That’s why he always fell because he was too hard on himself and he concentrated too much. Peter Sagan is much more relaxed.Those very serious guys are, on the contrary, always boring. And they have a complicated life. ”

NA TOUR 2015. The main characters of the Tinkoff-Saxo stable.From left: Peter Sagan, owner of Oleg Tiňkov and Alberto Contador.

Tiňkov was at Tinkoff (formerly Saxo Bank and later Saxo-Tinkoff) four years, of which he owned it for three years when he bought it from Bjarna Riis. >

“The team was 80 percent toy and 20 percent to trade,” he said. “The same is for Makarov from Katyus, Rihs from BMC, Ryan of Orika,” mentioned other owners or major stables sponsors. “It should be the opposite.”

According to his words in the stables, Tinkoff has invested a total of 50 million euros. “But it’s not like I fired the money. People now know the Tinkoff brand everywhere in Europe.When I bought my clothes in Milan at the Via Montenapoleone shopping area and gave them my credit card, they recognized my name and gave me a special discount. The fact is, however, that the money I put into the team did not come back completely. That’s why it was a business decision to leave. Cycling was really a toy in many ways. ”

Still, he does not regret it.

” If I had a time machine I would spend the money again because cycling gave me so much emotion and fun, that it can not be valued by any amount of money. As they say in MasterCard, there are things you do not buy for money.You can not buy a ride with Peter Sagan, ride hills with boys from my team or sip champagne after winning. ”

Current Biking it’s ok

The critic of conditions in the current cycling world of Tiňkov naturally remains at the moment of his departure.

“This sport is not clear, it’s fine. The future of the World Tour is uncertain, the chaos also leads to a reduction in the number of teams in the World Tour to seventeen, or the fact that only half of the WorldTour teams will eventually take part in the World Championship.Or take what happened at Vuelta when they did not apply the time limit for riders who had reached more than an hour behind the peloton.

Some people think these are just minor issues, but look at it from another angle: If the limit were applied, we would still have five riders in the race, while Froome would remain alone. The race would have developed quite differently and perhaps we would have won the World Tour instead of Movistar. This is just one example of the weak management of this sport.And while I’m leaving, I’m angry. ”

From the responsibility for the current situation, Tiňkov blames the UCI International Cycling Union, which coughs on many issues. “At the moment I’m tired of all this,” he says.

ASO has to get rid of UCI

However, in July in an exclusive interview for MF DNES and the Sport daily, which Oleg Tiňkov provided during the Tour de France, however, he outlined that he does not have to give the bike a definitive goodbye.

“I will definitely return,” he said at the very first time.

This vision has also been repeated for cyclingnews.com: “I believe that major bicycle reforms will take place within three years. Then it will be time to return. Then Chris Froome will be tired of winning Tour.And winning the Tour is the reason I want to go back. Tour is the only thing we did not win. I will monitor everything and then decide. Meanwhile, if I want to come to the races, just pick up my phone, call the organizers and get a VIP car. ”

Once again, he outlined his vision of how the future face of cycling is:” I believe ASO > (Owner Tour and Vuelty) takes control of cycling, maybe together with a big rich investor. They should buy RCS (the owner of Gira), who is having trouble, and get rid of the UCI.I do not see any place for UCI in future professional biking management. “Tiňkov imagines that ASO will establish a professional cycling league, such as the American Basketball NBA, and a pay-TV model. “Cycling has already been popularized in France, Spain and Italy by socialist state television,” he said. “Millions of people love cycling and always love it, so they will not be fans when they have to pay for the transmissions. Yes, an old lady who likes to see pictures of the French countryside at the Tour, the Tour will not see on the state television. But it is about building a business model that will work.Cycling will be bigger and better. ”

I believe they will be remembered in good

Leaving Oleg Tiňkov now thinks that he will not miss it.

“They often attacked me for what I said. Some Danes told me that I was a vodka clown. Sometimes I was provoked to make statements, sometimes my words were mistaken for the media. But I have a big heart and I talked to my soul. Everything I wanted to make cycling better. I’m controversial, but I believe people will remember me for good reasons. Just like in all five companies I’ve built in the past. ”

One thing is wrong.

Cycling will miss him.Although he was often irritated by his statements, he was just such a controversial person who needed that sport.


Manchester City – West Ham United 2:1

Manchester City turned the West Ham duel and scored the thirteenth league win in a row, comparing the performance of last year’s Chelsea champion. However, the victory was not easy for Citizens, and at the end of the first half he sent Ogbonna to the lead, and Otamendi and Silva in the second half turned the home score.

The first half offered Manchester City’s weakest performance throughout the season. Guardiolo’s trustees had territorial dominance, but their combinations were slow, inaccurate, and easily predictable, defensive guests of the Hammers, and their attacks were able to capture quite reliably. In addition, Hammer has been threatened by rapid counterattacks, and it can be said that in the first act, they have had more chances.

In the first corner, Antonio was pressed after the corner kick, but the ball did not point to the net on the long leg. On the other hand, he stretched out Silva’s lime, and Adriana stretched the protruding bullet. Ederson, after a half-hour of play, fouled Lanzini, who leaned against the ball and the home keeper of his projectile just shoved a corner kick.

Minutes before the end of the first half came to the head of the table a shock – the guests played a corner kick shortly, Cresswell then sent a limp to the limp to which the Ogbonna jumped to the top and the harsh header sent to the sensational leadership.

In the second half, Pep Guardiola made one change – Danila’s insignificant replacement was replaced by the attacker Jesus – and the lawn as if a completely different team had run out. Citizens have had a good roundabout from the first minutes, defending their opponents with one dangerous raid after another, and chances not to wait long. He first fired a free kick from De Bruyne, but Adrian was attentive and shattered his violent projectile. A moment later, however, it had been straightened – Jesus broke into the lime, found Otamendi in the center of the goal in front of the goal and pushed the unstinting Rice and pushed the ball into the net.

Another danger came from Sanja’s football, the German wings played with Zabaletou, put the ball in the middle and a great blow to the back stick forced Adrian to another acrobatic procedure. The West Ham goalkeeper was really in the caliber, only a few minutes later he had to liquidate the goal shot of Jesus, the shot from a clear position then roughly did not manage Sterling.


Hero Beneventa goalkeeper Brignoli

Something unbelievable has managed Benevent or Albert Brignoli’s goalkeepers today. The Juventus triumphant, who defeated the first seven rounds just as the goalman Serie A, was set in the 5th minute with a direct kick in the side of the team and scored a 2: 2 lead to a long series of his team without a point …

Benevento had previously lost all 14 league matches and set a record for the Italian’s highest competition. Brignoli himself capitulated himself sixteen times before the current seven-wheel race. Also today, two opponents have humbled him, but he himself has returned everything.

“It’s difficult to describe it! I just ran out there and hoped for a Betclic online live betting miracle at the last minute, I’m glad for the fans, the player and the president who never told us anything nasty, it would be egoistic to talk too much, because this is a success everyone, “said the twenty-six-year-old hero of the modest club after the game.

“It was 1: 2, 95th minute, I thought we had nothing to lose, I got there, closed my eyes and jumped, it was more a goalie jump than the attacker would get!” the first goalie shooter in Serie A was smiled since 2001 and Massima Taibi’s hussar.

“It would be terrible to lose this game because we lost even when we did not deserve it, as in Sassuolu (1: 2).” We have now tossed something back, we have Unibet online betting guide shown that we can play against anyone, just we need something to come up here, “Brignoli commended, defeating Gennaro Gattus premiered on AC Milan’s A-Team bench.

“We could have developed our game more, we lost a lot of balls, and we knew that despite the fact that Benevento was losing, it was improving a bit over time,” he said, debuting a former midfielder. Rossoneri have a further loss to the fourth AS Rome, and therefore the Champions League, a thirteen-point manko, and Giallorossi is still waiting for the match.


Slavia Praha – Baník Ostrava 2:1

Football clubs Slavie Praha played in the 16th round of Ostrava 2: 1. Baník led from eight minutes after his own goal of home Michal Frydrych, but in the 24th minute Milan Škoda. In four minutes he made a hesitation from the start with the winning streak of Frydrych. The reigning champ partially corrected the Monday draw in Jablonec and scored the second place in front of Olomouc, which is in favor of a match in Liberec. Ostrava’s newcomer lost the league for the second time in a row and is the fourteenth.

The celebrities farewell to Captain Bilek, who ends his career and moves to the club’s board. The Captain Baroos surprisingly missed the Ostrava team, which started only on the bench. The home team started in almost identical opening eleven as on Monday in a 1-1 draw in Jablonec, only on the right side played the position of Bořivoj Frydrych.

And the Ostrava puppies have experienced an unfortunate entry into the match. In the eighth minute, Baník got his home for the first time, Hrubý acted in front of the goal and Frydrych headed to his own network in an effort to turn the ball back from Grenac. The guest “boiler” thanked the former Baník player for the goal.

With 13 minutes played, Hušbauer’s shot hit the crossbar. Favorit got to the 24th minute when Škoda hit the Zmrhalem and shot happily goalkeeper Šustra, who shot the ball with his leg, but he did not stop in the net. The home cannon put the seventh league goal of the season.

In the 28th minute Slavia turned the score. Danny defeated Frydrych’s defensive team from the first curve, making his own goal even though Sustra reached the ball again. The home winner scored the first goal in the league season.

After a half hour of the game, the stadium smelled the smoke from the guest sector and referee Jílek struggled for five minutes. His sting half-time was then undermined by Ostrava goalkeeper Šustr. Due to the 42-minute injury, he pulled off the lawn and retired instead of Chmiel, who had taken the league for the first time since last May.

By the second half, Baník had become more active. The pros opened several times to the crowd, but there was not much chance of it. Ostrava coach Kučera had already pulled the Azacky stopper in 58 minutes, instead of putting the striker Baroš. For a while, Hušbauer ended up in the end, and after the clash with Sindelar, he had to rotate.

Pražané after the change of sides did not succeed, but they could add a fuse, but Souko’s header around the corner pulled Chmiel. In the 85th minute the Baroš on the other side vainly demanded the penalty after Jugas’s intervention. Red Bulls have already won the last autumn lap and won triumphant struggle to advance in the European League with Astana